About us

Agrix Bulgaria OOD is founded in 2009. The company trades with grains and oilseeds. In addition, Agrix Bulgaria also offers seeds, fertilizers and crop protection products to farmers throughout the country.

Agrix Bulgaria OOD is dynamic and fast developing company that has achieved 78% average annual growth since its foundation.

We work with proved local producers, traders and exporters. Agrix Bulgaria OOD is a reliable and respected partner of several multinational companies.
We have a network of trade representatives covering North Bulgaria. Thanks to this network we have access to 69% of the production in the country. In this way Agrix Bulgaria could meet the challenges posed by the dynamic grains and oilseeds market.

Corporate culture

The activity of Agrix Bulgaria is based on the principles of integrity, respect, responsibility and business ethics. All employees have professional attitude to work and motivation to give their best. Thanks to these principles we became preferred business partner of many Bulgarian and international companies.

Growth strategy

Our vision for the development of Agrix Bulgaria is focused mainly on building and maintaining long-term partnerships with our clients based on correct and professional approach. We strongly believe that long term partnerships are the basic precondition for the successful development of the company. In Agrix Bulgaria, we constantly work on increasing our capacity, competitiveness and market share. Strategically, we emphasize on following elements:

1. Significant increase in storage capacity

2. Acquire significant logistic capabilities

3. Start own grains and oilseeds production

4. Expand into new international markets

5. Strengthening and expanding our trade relations with companies and brokers

6. Deepening of our partnerships with financial institutions


Trade – grains and oilseeds

Agrix Bulgaria trades mainly with wheat, corn, barley, sunflowerseeds and rapeseeds. Generally we buy commodities directly from farmers. This is our competitive advantage that allows us to offer competitive prices. We closely monitor grains markets and conduct analysis which allows us to successfully respond to the dynamic market movement.
The main goal of international trade is to connect countries with grains shortage and countries with grain surplus. In Agrix Bulgaria, we are ready to respond to the demand of any grains and oilseeds importer country and work with international companies, brokers and processors.

To achieve constant efficiency improvement and competitiveness increase we constantly develop and optimize following auxiliary activities:


Agrix Bulgaria has established affiliate network of transport companies and built exclusive partnerships in the sector. This approach ensures supply security and high competitiveness.


Agrix Bulgaria actively works towards increasing its storage capacity at strategic locations. This is a significant advantage leading to higher flexibility of the company and improved competitiveness.

Trade – seeds, fertilizers and crop protection products

Agrix Bulgaria offers to its clients wide range of products of leading international and local producers. We offer quality products at competitive prices and we are at your disposal for any consultations aiming to help you to achieve optimal results with the products purchased from us.

Agrix Bulgaria successfully develops partnerships with farmers who buy seeds, fertilizers and crop protection products from the company and provide them the option for purchase of their grains production.